About The BioPanel

We are also looking for people that would like to be part of our BioPanel. This is a smaller panel within the TV Panel that avail themselves for additional physiological measurements in our studies. These measurements include measuring your pulse, changes in skin conductance, and tracking where your eyes are looking on the TV screen. These procedures are unobtrusive. To measure your pulse and skin conductance it consists of simply having small electrodes stuck to your fingers to measure sweating and a pulse monitor on your finger and earlobe. For eye tracking, we have cameras that sit on a desk in front of you so there is nothing touching you.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be part of the BioPanel because there are a number of health conditions and medications that can affect how the body responds to different events and therefore affects the data that we collect. To figure out whether you could be part of the BioPanel you can complete the following survey. Your answers will be reviewed by our psychophysiology researcher on an individual basis to see if you are able to be part of our BioPanel. If not, you will still be invited to participate in our studies which run without these extra psychophysiological measures. As previously stated, all your information is kept confidential and not passed on to third parties. Furthermore, like with all our research methods, these measures have been approved by the Murdoch University Ethics Committee.

If you would like more information on how our BioPanel measures work, see the answers to the BioPanel Frequently Asked Questions or to complete our BioPanel Screening Survey via the links below. Or alternatively you can phone the TV Panel on 9360 7373.

Again, you can choose to discontinue the screening survey at anytime, however, by completing the survey you consent to being contacted by us in the future to be invited to take part in our BioPanel research.

Please note, that you must already be a TV Panel Member and will require your membership number to complete the screening survey. If you do not remember your membership number please contact the TV Panel on 9360 7373 or email info@tvpanel.org.